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Industry Leading Ultrasound Platform

X+HI (Harmony Imaging)

The new HI ultrasound platform independently developed by BMV breaks through the traditional ultrasound imaging limitations by using multibeam imaging
technology, obtaining multiple echo signals after each transmission of ultrasound.
The enhancement of data volume together with coherent beam reconstruction algorithm accurately performs coherent computation at each pixel point, full dynamic focusing for both transmission and reception, and parallel computation of huge amount of data, which improves the frame rate and the sensitivity of detection of moving tissues, and improves the resolution, penetration, and contrast of the whole field of images.

Accurate diagnosis, anytime, anywhere.
With SonoMaxx, healthcare is a promise kept.
Trust SonoMaxx for a better diagnosis experience.
Our ultrasound, your peace of mind.
Varied Choices

Varied Choices20+ models for your choice,satisfy your needs in different clinical applications

High Elements

192 elements clear and sharp imaging can confidently diagnose pathology


5+ imaging mode can be supported including B、M、Color、PDI、PW DPD without any subscription fee. Also DlCOM system can be used.