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To address the dynamic requirements of today’s fast-paced and demanding healthcare landscape, BMV presents a range of portable ultrasound machines that facilitate seamless scanning and smooth transitions from one department to another, and from one examination to the next. Whether it’s robust hand-carry models or user-friendly, touch-enabled ultrasound machines, BMV offers solutions that seamlessly integrate into your workflow.



All-Touch control panel to offer a new degree of intuitive operation.
From professionals in portable touch diagnostic imaging comes a true simple smart in ultrasound: the BMV Pad Touch PT60 offers a new level of intuitive operation, innovative productivity tools and powerful processing for empowering Emergency Medicine,Point of Care(including Anesthesiology) and General Imaging, Women’s Health. The result is an all-new level of efficiency and image quality.
The PT60 System is an excellent choice for the required versatility and demands in the fast paced, point of care environment.

Portable Ultrasound


The BPU50B//BPU50C Exp will go beyond your expectations but not your budget.
BPU50 is borne from our relentless efforts to be the most innovative ultrasound manufacturer in the world. Truly exceptional image quality combined with professional diagnosis applications and ergonomic design help bring with you refreshing experience: confidence, accuracy and comfort. This compact, portable ultrasound system is excellent for nearly every clinical situation, including cardiology, abdominal, OB/GYN, small parts, urology and so on.


Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System
The BPU60 provides all the power you need for today’s challenging clinical environment, yet remain ultra-portable, ultra-affordable. With its cutting-edge imaging technologies, comprehensive functions, precise and intuitive workflow, ergnomic and eco-friendly design, versatile transducers for different body scans and clinic departments, for example emergency, hospitals, clinics, out calls, etc . We firmly believe the BPU60 to be the very best full-body portable ultrasound in its class today


Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System
As a new member of BMV portable color Doppler ultrasound family, BPU30 is a compact and ultra-light ultrasound system which has taken into considerationof all the necessary clinic require ments and needs in order to enable ultrasoundusers to provide better patient care.



Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System
BPU100 would be a reliable partner in your daily work.
With the goal of comfort operation, bpulOO has excellent ergonomic design, can highly adapt to the requirements of doctors in different medical environments, which builds it as the preferred solution for clinical ultrasound examination.
• 3c6C Convex Transducer
• 7L4C Linear Transducer
• 6E1C Endo-cavity Transducer
• 2P2F Phased array Transducer
• 8L4C High Frequency Linear Transducer
• 6L7C Low Frequency Linear Transducer