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SonoMaxx System
Approximately 15 percent of injuries sustained in conventional land
warfare involve the thorax. The Army wanted a simplined, noninvasive
diagnostic tool for first responders, rather than the conventional ultrasound machine that is wheeled around on a cart
We developed the SonoMaxx Portable System that allows doctors and field medics to use one finger to image; leaving both hands free to simultaneously perform procedures

in Pocket Ultrasound Technology

For clinics, doctors’ offices, helicoptersy and fixed wing medical planes
a light weight, durable and portable ultrasound system is needed. It
needs to be flexible so it can be positioned on a table, attached to an
IV pole, carried or hand held.
Portability and cost require an innovative approach to ensure both a
low and high frequency array.
Uses in these environments is often performed by novice and
infrequent ultrasound users, so a simple to understand Graphical User
Interface is essential

Crystal Clear Ultrasound.
Diagnosis in Your Hand.

Join the growingcommunity of healthcare
orofessionals embracing SonoMaxx as a new
staple of their toolkit.

For Healthcare System

Transforming Healthcare

Enhance enterprise workflow with wireless
handheld ultrasound. Deliver information needed
at the point of care to expedite diagnoses,inform
timely decisions,and improve overall

For Medical Education

Transform Medical Education
with SonoMaxx™.

With custom learning modules free unlimited
storage, imaging feedback, and more, we can
accelerate ultrasound skill development.

For Individuals

A device that evolves with you.

For practitioners/residents/med students looking
to get SonoMaxxm for themselves.SonoMaxxm
brings the power of ultrasound into your assessment
diagnosis and treatment process.

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