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A medical team once evaluated the diagnostic reliability of a new generation wireless point-of-care ultrasound device for abdominal and thoracic findings. And the result is that in all 40 patients (100%) examination with conventional high-end ultrasound and the portable ultrasound device was feasible. Sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive value for the diagnosis of abdominal and thoracic findings was 63.3%, 100%, 100%, and 40%, respectively. Most main diagnostic findings were detected using the mobile device compared to the high-end ultrasound.

Image quality revealed mostly minor diagnostic limitations for the mobile device, mean of 2.9 (SD ± 0.300), and was excellent or with only minor diagnostic limitations for conventional high-end ultrasound, mean of 3.25 (SD ± 0.438).

So we can get the conclusion, that due to its easy application and its high diagnostic reliability, point-of-care ultrasound systems of the latest generation represent a valuable imaging method for the primary assessment of abdominal and thoracic findings, especially in patients in intensive care units or emergencies.

SonoMaxx-MX3 is a battery-operated general-purpose diagnostic ultrasound imaging system. It enables ultrasound imaging, visualization, and measurement of anatomical structures and fluids. Black-and-white mode is offered for displaying anatomy in real-time color-coded overlay for real-time blood flow imaging. MX3 consists of a two-headed probe that integrates both convex (3.5-5 MHz) and linear array transducers (7.5-10 MHz) and an app that can be installed on Android ™ or iOS® (iOS 13 or higher) mobile devices. Pocket-sized portability and simplified user interface allow integration into training and examinations in professional healthcare facilities. The device has a total scan time of 3 hours. The dimensions are 160× 70× 22 mm, and the weight is 260 + /–3 grams. The information can be used for basic/focused assessments and in addition to other medical data for clinical diagnostic purposes in routine, periodic follow-up, and triage assessments for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. MX3 customers have access to the SonoMaxx web portal, including online access to product and product usage information for selected clinical scenarios. The image and patient data are stored in encrypted form on the mobile device and can be transmitted wirelessly via a DICOM connection.

MX3 offers ultrasound imaging with a minimized number of buttons and an intuitive, thumb-operated touchscreen user interface. The MX3 app supports both portrait and landscape modes to optimize image size and ergonomics for various application scenarios.

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