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Specific Mobile App
Specific, simple, intuitive, easy to learn but full of fine-tuned features
and functions for your immediate and daily point of care ultrasound
scanning for iOS mobile smart devices.
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SONOMAXX™ handheld ultrasound
Expanding care for everyone, everywhere. Choose from two versatile handheld ultrasound solutions that enable quick and convenient whole-body assessments without compromising on image quality.
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SonoMaxx Platform by BMV
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Freedom and flexibility. Times two.

Vscan Air CL and Vscan Air sL set a new standard in handheld ulrasound — both flexible, wireless dualprobes deliver crystal clear images anytime,anywhere* in healthcare. Designed for the individual, ultra portable utrasound is always with you – cordless, customizable, and intuitive

Designed around you

Insight right in your pocket

2-in-1 power

Durability, guaranteed

Custom Your Own Wireless Ultrasound--Make lt Available To Everyone

Crystal Clear Ultrasound.
Diagnosis in Your Hand.

Join the growing community of healthcare professionals embracing SonoMaxx as a new staple of their toolkit.

For Healthcare System

Transforming Healthcare System-Wide.

Enhance enterprise workflow with wireless
handheld ultrasound. Deliver information needed
at the point of care to expedite diagnoses, inform
timely decisions, and improve overall.

For Medical Education

Transform Medical Education
with SonoMaxx™.

With custom learning modules, free unlimited
storage, imaging feedback, and more, we can
accelerate ultrasound skill development.

For Individuals

A device that evolves with you.

For practitioners/residents/med students looking
to get SonoMaxx™ for themselves. SonoMaxx™
brings the power of ultrasound into your assessment,
diagnosis and treatment process.

Powerful processing in a pocket-sized device.

Knowing can make all the difference for your patients. You shouldn’t have to compromise
on image quality with handheld ultrasound- and with SonoMaxx you won’t.


Wireless +USB Ultrasound
Portable. Affordable. Easy to Use.
One device.Twice the value.

MX9 Pro

One device.Twice or triple the value.

MX10 Ultra

Cutting-edge Wireless Ultrasound for Specialized Care.

Founded on a Vision for a Better Future for POC.
SonoMaxx™ is Redefining Al and Specialized.

SonoMaxx™ is a technology company focused on revolutionizing the future POC experience. Its global team integrates the best of the traditional ultrasound industry with advanced computing, digital connectivity and artificial intelligence to create a new kind of imaging company, and a new kind of POC ultrasound, for the world.

SonoMaxx™ combines the best of the traditional ultrasound industry with advanced digital technologies.Both the SonoMaxx™ X evolvable Z type are based on a cutting-edge X+ Architecture, developed entirely bespoke by SonoMaxx™. With the groundbreaking concepts of “design defined by scenarios, ultrasound defined by software, and value defined by co-creation”, SonoMaxx by BMV is pioneering a new “Specialty Oriented” experience for clinicians.

A New Kind of Ultrasound Company. 
A New Kind of Ultrasound.


SonoMaxx™ is a brand of BMV MEDITECH, a global company spearheading an advanced three-stage strategy to transform Point of Care Ultrasound Technology (POCUS) With AI: Smart Ultrasound, Smart Imaging Dept., and Smart Hospital. East encounters west. The present meets the future. Science embraces art. Practicality integrates with innovation.

Unlike traditional ultrasound companies, that start with the hardware, the vision for SonoMaxx™ was to begin with the software and the technology. To create the most advanced, most AI ultrasound ever, and then perfect the way it scan max.