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Founded on a Vision for a Better Future for POC. SonoMaxx™ is Redefining AI and Specialized.


SonoMaxx™ is a brand of BMV MEDITECH, a global company spearheading an advanced three-stage strategy to transform Point of Care Ultrasound Technology (POCUS) With AI: Smart Ultrasound, Smart Imaging Dept., and Smart Hospital. East encounters west. The present meets the future. Science embraces art. Practicality integrates with innovation.

Unlike traditional ultrasound companies, that start with the hardware, the vision for SonoMaxx™ was to begin with the software and the technology. To create the most advanced, most AI ultrasound ever, and then perfect the way it scan max.

Trustworthy Imaging

SonoMaxx™ Scanners, with enhanced image quality based on our X+ platform, premium probe technology and advanced beamforming, are designed to provide trustworthy imaging in any mobile clinical environment for clinicians, rendering more confidence on diagnosis.